CSGEF Surveys & Polling

CSGEF Survey & Polling is used to gather or gain knowledge in the fields of geoeconomics, economics & socioeconomics CSGEF Survey research is used to assess thoughts and opinions and, fill the knowledge gap and react to development related to CSGEF programs which in turn have implications for the future of the global economy and to support the public policy decision-making process. CSGEF Surveys are global and regional in terms of their goals, nature, and scope. 

CSGEF survey was developed by a mixture of academics and practitioners from various backgrounds, academic sub-disciplines, and experiences, mainly from the Fields of economics. It’s moments from the engagement of a high skill set and an advanced methodological approach. Both were considered while designing and implementing the survey. Advanced econometrics approaches, statistical approaches, and guidelines were considered while identifying the sample design, determining the data collection instruments, data processing, and final data analysis.

The end objective is to deliver highly analytical, informative, accurate, and high-quality findings that will enhance our perception of development related to the global economy’s outlook and support public policy decision-making and the public policy decision-making process.  For further inquiries, please Contact us.

The Geoeconomics of Natural Gas in Europe Survey

This survey wants to understand how fossil fuel, and natural gas, are used as geoeconomic tools to achieve strategic objectives in Europe. Which countries are considered targets of such geoeconomics tools? The survey also wants to understand the countermeasures the affected countries are taking to ensure the continuity of their energy supplies. There is also a need to investigate the impact of such geoeconomic contests on the Eurasian landmass and other fossil fuel and natural gas producers in different regions,

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