Generic Activities

At a generic level, CSGEF is engaged in following activities.

Informed Global Dialogues

CSGEF also hold workshops, seminars, and briefings on a range of topics where experts from different backgrounds are invited to discuses socio economic policy issues relevant to the future of the global economy. These events allow international experts; global policymakers and NGO to interact and engage in debate on key issues faced by the world economy . CGEF planes to host many global events that contributes to international economic policy discourse.

New & Innovative Policy Ideas

Our research projects aspire to provide analysts with new and innovative insight into the issues that will help them develop new and innovative international economics policy ideas. These new ideas can be very effective in the development of implementing new economic policies and recommendations on the future of the global economy.

Research & Independent Analysis

The organization has a team of researchers who conduct research on The future of Money , currency and international finance; socio and cultural economic anthropology, AI Economics, Global Supply Chain and Trade, Finance and Banking, Global Economic security, Global Economic Governance, The Future of Energy and the Future of Knowledge .
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